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From the very beginning we knew that our AIRGLIDE TOWBAR would solve a lot of headaches for those that must hitch up the mobile motel to a working rig.

Here's a sample of so many happy stories!

Paul & Kaye Fletcher

In 2015 we purchased a new Chevy 2500 HD dual cab Ute in unreadiness to tow our 24 foot Bushtracker which we took delivery of in April 2016. We also had airbags fitted to the rear of the Chevy. The Chevy was fitted with the standard Chev Towbar & on delivery of the van we had fitted a Hayman Reese weight distribution system. We then began our travels around Australia. 

We traveled about 35,000 kilometers on many different road types both bitumen & gravel including the Tanami & Gibb River roads. One thing that we noticed however if you came across hard to see potholes, corrugations or uneven approaches to concrete bridges & cattle grids. The impact from these would transfer from vehicle to van & vice versa as the whole towing coupling was very rigid.
The result of these impacts would move the mattress on the bed dislodge pillows that were also on the bed. Occasionally the odd drawer would come open in the van.
In January 2017 after speaking with Wayne from Airglide Towbars we had one of his units fitted to the Chevy & we have now traveled another 45,000 kilometers since that time.

After fitting this system it was eerie to look in the mirror & see the van rising up & down on the air bag. It was a totally different tow vehicle as it took all of the previous impacts with bad road surfaces which were transferred between vehicle & van out of the equation. When the Airglide Towbar was fitted the airbags were also fitted with a compensating air valve to release & take air to give a better cushioning effect as well. When air bags are fitted & pressurised they act like a tight ball & rebound leaving your vehicles shock absorbers to do more work and can in some instances put a lot of strain on the vehicles chassis leading to failure in this area. Since fitting this Towbar the mattress & pillows no longer shift around & we believe it gives a much better ride for caravan & car. We have since fitted a second electric air compressor to the system as on very hot days travelling on bumpy roads one compressor struggled to keep enough air up to the system.
I would highly recommend fitting the Airglide Towbar system as we believe it will greatly avoid long term damage to both our caravan, its contents & our tow vehicle. I recently spoke to a guy who was towing an off road van with an American truck and he collapsed the A frame on his van from the continuous jarring whilst towing.

Paul & Kaye Fletcher

Norm Miller of Miller Family Pastoral Walcha

In November 2014 we had an Airglide Towbar fitted to our Hino 1728 truck by Airglide of Toowoomba. We have pulled a 25 foot caravan which weighs approximately 3 ton loaded to polocross events. The truck carries most times 5 big horses and gear and tows the van very well. 


The van just floats along behind the truck and we think the Towbar gives the van and its contents a better ride than behind the Landcruiser.


We are very happy with the workmanship and the Towbar and thoroughly recommend an Airglide Towbar to anybody who wants to pull a van behind a truck.


With our truck being used to transport cattle around the ease of unhooking the van and removal of the Towbar is quick and easy.


Norm Miller of Miller Family Pastoral Walcha

Mathew Weber

Very happy with my Airglide Towbar, I only have a 4WD Jayco Caravan and have been pulling it behind my truck for 12 months with no problems at all.


The van does not move behind the truck and the air bag works all the time on our roads which are not much good at the best of times.


With the Airglide Towbar things inside the van do not move either.


I have told plenty of people about the Airglide Towbar and if they are going to pull a caravan they are mad not to have one!

Mathew Weber

Barry Rufas Photography

My business takes me all over Australia, travelling to remote arrears. I use a 7.5 Ton Fuso towing a 22ft 3.5 ton caravan.

Before hearing about Airglide Towbars we travelled some 30,000 Km around Australia. This trip did have its issues both for us and the van. The ride was extremely rough and we were forced to travel at 30 to 40 Km per hour on not so rough roads, by the end of the year we did in fact break the draw bar of the van, due to the violent action of the rear of the truck.

At this point we were introduced to Airglide Towbars. After fitting the unit we were on the road for another 35,000km round Australia trip.

After 12,000Km, what a difference, we are now travelling at 80 to 90 Km per hour, with a smooth ride both for the passengers and the van. We are looking forward to rest of the trip knowing we are not damaging our gear or ourselves. The unit delivers a remarkably smooth ride. No more stress on the gear. Easy to hook up and unhitch.

Dealing with Wayne and the team at Airglide Towbars was a very enjoyable experience. Nothing was too much trouble for Wayne or any of the team. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all involved for a beautifully engineered product, fitted in a very professional manner.

If you use a truck to tow a van, you need an Airglide Towbar tted to your rig.

Barry Rufus Photography


The air glide tow bar is terrific - we have done plenty of miles on dirt and road and it has done a real good job. Nothing moves in the caravan at all. It is real simple to  hook onto the truck. Only thing we have added is a bit of rubber to keep the rocks out of the airbag but other than that it is all good.


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