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Let's talk 7 Tonne 22.5" tyre size.

Airglide Towbars

15 Orford Court, 
Wilsonton Q 4350
PO Box 6408
Toowoomba West Q 4350

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1.  Tyre Size i.e. 16", 17.5", 22.5"

2.  Height from ground to top of chassis rails?

3.  Width to the outside of the chassis rails?
4.  Overall top to Overall bottom - Just chassis rail, not body runner

5.  How far from the rear of the body/tray to the rear of chassis rails?

6.  Is there a tailgate loader fitted?

7.   Is there a ringfeed fitted?

8.  Is there additional electrical work required?

9.  Does the vehicle have its own air supply?

10. What is the ATM or GVM of the trailed unit?

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