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We offer an in-house fitting of our product as we can assure our customers of a professional fitment and advise our customers on how to set the ride height and maintain the product.


Our cost, would most times be cheaper, because of the amount of Towbars fitted and modifications done.


We offer a same day service for straight forward fittings.  In by 7:00am – finished by 5:00pm.


This includes any electrical work and modification plate fitted and a certificate. 


We can also advise our customers on setting up their caravan, trailer etc.

Fitting towbar to a new truck

Fitting towbar to a new truck



Airglide Towbars have been designed and manufactured to ADR 62.02 which is a mechanical connection between vehicles. The design has also undergone mechanical tests under the guidance of an engineer in our workshop facilities. 

Air fittings - Tidy work.

Air fittings - tidy work.



If the towing vehicle is not fitted with an air supply, we fit a 12v or 24v compressor and air tank to supply air for the operation of the Airglide Towbar.

The Airglide Towbar requires a constant air supply for the operation as it is not a manual pump up system.

Airglide Towbars offers an in-house electrical service for customers such as electrical brake controllers, plugs at the rear to supply power for your van or trailer lights etc. We can also fit and supply power leads for the 12 v power system in your caravan. Often we fit the electrical cable for your ESC unit (Electronic Stability Control) if fitted to your van/trailer.

All cable and airlines are zip tied.

All work and components are quality!

Transport Industry - Engineering, Design and Fabrication Services.


AIRGLIDE TOWBARS can assist you with all your engineering, design and fabrication service.

From simple modifications to complex R&D projects, Wayne and his team draw on experience going back to the early 70's. With literally hundreds of full builds and modifications and repairs behind them you owe it to yourself to call Airglide Towbars.

Forged on the most demanding oil & gas exploration transport needs in the remote Australian outback where reliability can mean survival, they know what works and what doesn't.

For all your general fabrications (welding, repairs and modifications) small to large, Airglide Towbars has your back!

This is leading professional service at competitive rates. 

Call Wayne or the team today on 0409 477 231.

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