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Mk 4 model ftted to a tool trailer.

4 Tonne Model


Enter the amazing new 'Airglade Towbar' which quite literally floats your caravan hitch along on an automatically and dynamically adjusting cushion of air... and regardless of the road surface allows safer and smoother ride. Now you can get to the job... or the fun in less time,  and that is money in the bank!

The Airglide is the single best investment you will ever make to protect your caravan and ensure a safer, faster journey.

Since the early seventies, inventor Wayne Young has been developing transport solutions for the demanding oil and gas exploration and transport industries.

This depth of experience met an insatiable demand and the Airglide had its start in 2006.

Patented because of its precision control design the 'Airglide Towbar' has taken the recreational horse industry to new levels of comfort and safety.

Today more and more contractors, local government and plant operators are realising the savings associated with a better ride for valuable plant on plant trailers behind trucks as well.

In fact, the applications for this innovative new design are endless.

The 'Airglide Towbar' can be adapted to any truck with wheel sizes from 16 to 20 inches...  and even refitted from one truck to another regardless of chassis width!

They can be supplied Australia wide in kit form with a fully instruction booklet... or for even more peace of mind they offer a full Installation service in Toowoomba factory.
A simple to obtain mod plate is needed in Qld if fitted to a tow vehicle of over 4.5 tonne GVM... and in other states its best you check your regulations with the relevant transport authorities.

Unlike most other towbars out there, the Airglide Towbar is fully engineered and tested to the demanding ADR 62.02 specification. Now you can be sure that your mobile motel or horse float full of valuable livestock will survive the ride!

So the future is clear... no need to overbuild caravans adding weight and expense and reducing load carrying ability...  and bigger fuel bills... no need to slow down and waste precious time!

'Airglide Towbars' are your ticket to maximised caravan and trailer life.

If you have already had to claim for damage to your caravan or trailer through your insurer, why not see if the money saving 'Airglide Towbar' upgrade can be covered under your insurance.


Airglide Towbars... the smoothest and safest Tow Hitch available!

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