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Tow bar being fitted to a new horse truck

In Factory Fitting Service For Your Peace of Mind!

You can't fix a problem by using the same technology that created it! 

Rigid framed trucks with heavy duty load carrying suspensions were never meant to be towing light frame aluminium caravans... and many who have tried will attest to this fact with radically reduced bank balances... not to mention dangerous and stressful travelling stories.

But for decades the need to hitch up the 'mobile motel' to a working rig has been the driving reality of a contractors life.

Today even more people turn to this solution to transport multiple horses to polo cross carnivals, pony club events and country shows.

The damage soon becomes painfully evident as the chassis break... and the beautiful cabinet work and decorative aluminium does what it was always going to do when subjected to rigid vibrations and extreme whipping forces of a truck towbar... the truck literally destroys the caravan or trailer.

Most try driving much slower to save the van and that is frustrating and rather counter productive at best.

The standard fix is to overbuild the caravan costing a fortune at acquisition...  and even more in fuel bills as all those extra kilos have to be rolled along.


It just hasn't been a successful combination... until now!

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